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Deck & Fence Painting Services

Entertaining in your outdoor space can be a fantastic way to spend time with friends and family, and with help from our team at Wize Painting, you can be certain that your deck and fence are the perfect backdrops for your good times. Because these structures are exposed to the elements, your outdoor areas may end up looking damaged, dated, or poorly maintained. Our Rochester Hills Painting experts know how to breathe new life into the space with beautiful, lasting results. Read our Google Reviews.

Painting & Staining Can Protect Wood

Painting the fence around your property or staining the deck obviously adds aesthetic value to the home – it looks attractive, well-cared-for, and clean. However, it also serves an important purpose in protecting the overall structure. Painting or staining protects the wood from the elements, particularly moisture or intense sunlight, which extends the lifespan of your fence or deck.

Untreated Wood Is Much More Susceptible To:

  • Rotting due to moisture
  • Breaking down or discoloring
  • Warping or cracking
After thoroughly power washing, brightening, and preparing the wood for treatment, our Rochester Hills painters can apply either a semi-transparent stain, which imparts color to the wood while still being able to see the grain or a solid stain, which covers the grain like normal house paint. In either case, a sealant will be applied to keep it water resistant and you will be able to enjoy the results for years to come.

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